We are an Independent Private school, that strives to help every student reach their maximum potential.

We are registered with and approved by the Department of Education.

  • My daughter has been with School of Affirmations for almost 2 terms now and I am still in awe at the level of high quality education this school operates at. And not too mention the care, understanding and love we have experienced from all teachers and staff at SOA. This is something completely new to us, because my daughter is ADHD, diagnosed, we have had very bad and coldhearted experiences all through my daughter's school career so far. I was blown away and still am at how warm and extremely compassionate everyone is, always! I hope they understand the tremendous appreciation me, my husband and daughter have for each and every one at SOA, we had the pleasure to deal with!

    The only thing I regret is not finding you sooner!

    Mommy Shannon
  • We are incredibly blessed to have our "miracle blessing" – CHARIKA - attending this awesome institution of high-level education.
    As soon as one enters the premises each day, you are greeted by such friendly, engaging, and nurturing educators (family people – really!). They really do spend valuable time to know each child individually and their families, so that everyone is comfortable, the children and the parents! (They really do make an effort.)

    Every day, we hear stories from CHARIKA about the fun, adventures and learning that she has experienced; reinforced / backed up by the photos and stories that the amazing teachers share with us on social media (with our permission).

    HEAVENLY FLOWERS / SCHOOL OF AFFIRMATIONS addresses the educational needs of each child, as well as their emotional and social wellbeing. The children participate in programs and activities that encourage them to engage, question and analyze the world around them, enriching their lives and forming a love of learning.

    Best attribute of this institution is – WORSHIP / PRAISE of GOD.

    A wonderful community spirit and we could not speak more highly of this wonderful pre-school.

    We will gladly encourage any parent to consider this educational "haven".

    @ Heidi Searle (you are a GEM!)

    HFK / SOA = your commitment to everyone
    Please stay with us!

    Loving Regards,

    Tania & Leonard Fourie - (Proud parents since 2016)
  • Friendly teachers, lovely environment, great curriculum. My daughter has found Afrikaans fascinating and she wants to speak it!!!

    Mommy Palesa

About Us

A warm Welcome from our Founder and Chief Affirmations Officer

Our Goal

Our goal is to help your child, either in the classroom or online, to benefit from a genuinely fun and positive educational experience.

  • Our aim is to provide fun, valuable, and rewarding opportunities for study and personal growth.
  • This way, your child will have a real advantage to pursue whichever goals he or she may wish to reach in life.
  • Let us help your child to develop positive character traits that will aid him or her to grow into a great, independent adult.
  • Reach out today for more information.

Our approach

Studies show that smaller class sizes promote achievement and self-esteem in kids. We keep class numbers small to ensure that your child gets personalized attention.

With fewer students, our teachers have more time to devote to those who may struggle with a subject.

We'll make sure all students get the opportunities they deserve.

We also have access to private tutors, in the form of your child's own teachers, who will assist him or her, outside class, at minimal extra cost.

We have invested in technology that allows your child to be taught from anywhere with a stable internet connection, regardless of where you may live or what your personal circumstances may be.

We have real teachers, teaching a full curriculum, online and in the classroom, AT THE SAME TIME.

Our Online Classroom

  • Study from anywhere with an internet network.
  • We assess each child in Mathematics, Afrikaans and English before they join us.
  • We offer intervention by qualified teachers to address any shortcomings.
  • We use real teachers, in a real classroom, for our online teaching.
  • We offer the same classroom and online learning experience.
  • Our pupils interact with their teachers and classmates during the school day, in real-time.
  • Seamless transfer to and from homeschool, private or public schools (due to our registration with the Department of Education.)

Our Curriculum

We follow the South African Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements of the Department of Education. Better known as "CAPS".

CAPS is the policy document of the Department of Basic Education for all the subjects listed in the National Curriculum Statement for Grades R-12.

This enables your child to seamlessly transition from a homeschool or government-run school into our independent Private school and then smoothly transition back into that environment, without affecting his or her records at the Department of Education.

Grade R-3 (Foundation Phase)

This first phase of formal schooling is critical toward establishing a basis for later formal education. Learners who do well in this phase, generally do well later.

Subjects Offered:

  • Home Langauge (Afrikaans or English)
  • First Additional Language (Afrikaans or English)
  • Mathematics
  • Life Skills

Grade 4–6 (Intermediate Phase)

Learners use their Foundation Phase knowledge to build upon and learn new concepts. Our lesson material helps them to form a sense of independent learning while creating a broad range of skills and abilities.

Subjects we teach:

  • Home Language (Afrikaans or English)
  • First Additional Language (Afrikaans or English)​
  • Mathematics
  • Natural Sciences and Technology
  • Social Sciences
  • Life Skills

Grade 7

This phase centers around extending education for the final stages of compulsory learning and beyond.

In this critical phase, we offer:

  • Home Language (English or Afrikaans)
  • First Additional Language (English or Afrikaans)
  • Mathematics
  • Natural Sciences
  • Social Sciences
  • Life Orientation
  • Economic Management Sciences
  • Technology
  • Creative Arts
Keep tuned as we are about to introduce additional language options!


Assessment Fee


Per Assessment

  • You may request an assessment of your child in Afrikaans, English and Maths, for R500 per assessment.

I want to have my child assessed.

Online Classroom



  • Offer your child the exact equivalent of a Classroom experience from the comfort of your own Home.

I want my Child to be taught Online.

Enrolment or Re-enrolment Fee


Per Annual Enrolment or Re-enrolment

  • To enrol or re-enrol your child with us, will cost you R1000-00 annually.

I want to Enrol or Re-enrol my Child.

Classroom Fees



  • Attend class at our Premises

I want my Child to be in a Classroom.

How to Enrol your child

Please download and complete the Enrolment Application Form, below.


Send an email to info@schoolofaffirmations.co.za for more information or to arrange an interview.

Contact us on 011 824 4730.

Chat to us via WhatsApp on the WhatsApp Link, should you have any further enquiries.

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